South Korean actress Yu Jo Yoon commits suicide, wrote- Life of actor was not easy to live

South Korean actress Yu Jo Yoon commits suicide
South Korean actress Yu Jo Yoon commits suicide

South Korean actress Yu Jo Yoon has committed suicide. The news of the suicide of this 27-year-old actress has been confirmed by her family. According to media reports, Yu Jo Yoon has also left a suicide note in his room. In this note going viral on social media, the actress has written a surprising thing while referring to her parents. Not only this, the actress has also apologized to her parents, grandmother, elder brother in the suicide note.

Now the question arises, what mistake did Yu Jo Yoon make for which she was apologizing? After all, why did the actress take such a horrific step like suicide? Read the full news to know the answer to all these questions.

The Yu Jo Yoon wrote in her suicide note, “I don’t feel sad to say goodbye to the world like this. Rather I feel sorry for my mom, dad, grandmother and Oppa (older brother). What should I do? my heart doesn’t want to live anymore. Yes, I agree that without me you will feel empty, but you live your life bravely. I will keep an eye on you guys even after saying goodbye. So don’t cry. I also know that you will be hurt by this move of mine. But let’s be honest, I’m not sad at all right now. Rather, I am calm. Maybe because I’ve lived the happy life I deserved. You too live your life without any regrets.”

Yu Jo Yoon further wrote, I expect you to invite a lot of people to my funeral. Because I want to see everyone, I want to check which person is having a bit of a time. I didn’t want to act bad. Honestly, acting was everything for me. But, living the life of an actor was not easy. It is said that if you get to do whatever you want to do, it is nothing short of a blessing, but for me, this thing has become a curse.

Yu Jo Yoon writes, God loves me, so he won’t send me to Hell. I think he will understand my feelings. So don’t worry about me. My love to all my loved ones and family. thanks for understanding me. Thanks for all the precious relationships. Thank you so much for teaching me in life. Mother, father, I love you! Don’t cry, please.


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