Blast strikes Kabul again, suicide attack on Russian embassy kills 25 including 2 Russian diplomats

Blast strikes Kabul again, suicide attack on Russian embassy
Blast strikes Kabul again, suicide attack on Russian embassy

Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, has once again been shaken by the blast. The blast took place this time near the embassy of Russia, in which 25 people including 2 Russian ambassadors were killed. The blast took place in Darul Aman area of ​​Kabul city. The Russian embassy is located in this area itself.

According to local media reports, the blast took place in front of the Russian embassy gate. It was carried out by a suicide bomber. It is being told that Taliban security guards stationed outside the embassy had recognized the attacker. They shot him too. But suddenly it exploded.

Let us tell you that Russia is one of the few countries that has continued to operate its embassy in Kabul even after the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Although Moscow has not officially recognized the Taliban government. According to the news agency, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has accepted that two employees were killed in an explosion near its embassy in Kabul.

Since the coming of the Taliban government, the blasts in Afghanistan are not taking the name of stopping. On September 2, an explosion at a crowded mosque in the Herant province of western Afghanistan killed 20 people. Maulana Mujeeb ur Rehman Ansari, the cleric of the mosque, was also among the dead. 200 people were injured in this attack.

The attack took place inside the mosque after Friday prayers at Gujargah mosque. A spokesman for the governor of Herat said it was a suicide attack. The attack happened at a time when the Taliban’s deputy prime minister, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, was still in Herant province.

Earlier on August 17, there was an explosion in a mosque in Kabul, in which 20 people were killed. About 40 people were killed in the blast.


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